May 5, 2017

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12:00 to 6:00 PM


1095 Fielders St., Las Vegas, NV



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Ages 3 and under: Free

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Defined Areas

Center Line: represented by the center stripe/mid-court line painted on the court.

Back Line: represented by the end line of the marked Basketball court.

Side Line: represented by the sideline of the marked basketball court


Each team will play six (6) players in a game. Two (2) of the players must be female.

Substitutions: Player substitutions may only be made in between games. The 6 players that start a game must finish it.


In order to play, teams must wear shirts of identical color and shade/tone.

In the event two teams arrive wearing the same color and are unable to switch to a different color, jerseys will be made available.

Each player must wear athletic shoes. They must be made of soft, pliable upper material that covers the entire foot. Cleats are not allowed!



Games are expected to start at the posted start time.  Please be aware of your game start times and game locations.

If a team does not have any players present at game time, the game will be declared a forfeit.

Any game forfeited will result in a score of 3 points for the winning team and 0 points for the losing team.


Match Timing

A match will consist of 3 played games

Each game will last 5 minutes or until all players from one team are eliminated from the playing floor, whichever occurs first.

There are no time-outs.


Match Scoring

All 3 games will be played each match regardless of how many games are won by any one team. A win-loss record will be recorded for each match (ex: 3-0 win, 2-1 loss, etc).

If the time limit is reached the team with the most players remaining wins the game.

If the time limit occurs and the teams have equal numbers of players, play will continue until one player from either side is eliminated.



Six balls will be placed on the half-court stripe, and the official will signal the start of play.

All players will start with their feet behind the back line.

At the official’s signal, teams will “rush” towards the middle to obtain possession of dodge balls.

Players must “check” balls obtained on the “rush” by bringing them behind the 10 foot volleyball attack lines.  Once the ball has been “checked”, they may hit any opposing player regardless of if the opposing player has “checked” a ball yet or not.



Once the ball is thrown, it is considered live until it hits the ground, or stationary play surface regardless of time left on the clock. Multiple players may be tagged out on one throw.

Once the ball hits the ground or stationary play surface, the ball is considered dead and players cannot be deemed “out”.

A ball that leaves the playing area must be returned quickly to the team closest to the site where the ball left the area.

Any player retrieving balls from out of play may possess more than one ball.

Shielding: Using a held ball to shield from being hit is legal. If the player drops their shield ball, the player will be declared out. A player will also be called out if they block a ball then then ricochets into themselves or another player.

Caught Ball- If a player catches a thrown ball:

*The throwing player is considered out

*The catching team will be awarded a player back onto the court. This player 

  must be standing at the bench gate ready to come back into play in the order

  in which they were tagged out.

*Once a player is called out, by any means, he/she must return fully to the

  team’s bench area.  Players may not remain on the court during play.

*A ball that is released before the final horn will remain live until it becomes

  dead by rule, similar to a “buzzer-beater” in basketball.


Center Line Violations

At the start of each game, the ball must “checked” to the Volleyball 10-foot line before being thrown at an opposing player.  If a player does not properly “check” a ball, any player they hit will not be considered out.  In addition, the thrower will still be called out if a ball is caught and can still be hit by a thrown ball from other players.

Players may not have any portion of their body touch over the opposing team’s side of the court. The Center Line may be touched, but not crossed.  Violation results in the committing player being called out.


Out of Bounds Violations

A player may not dodge out of bounds to avoid being hit by a thrown ball. A player will be considered out of bounds if both of their feet are outside the marked boundary lines. A player can legally go out of bounds to retrieve a ball, and return to the playing area immediately.  A player retrieving balls from behind the endline are still susceptible to being hit by the opposing team.

A player may not run out of bounds to catch a thrown ball. If a player runs out of bounds while catching a ball they will be declared out and the thrower will remain in the game and the team will not receive another player back on the court. However, if a player makes a successful catch before running out of bounds and then crosses the line, both the thrower and catcher will be declared out. However, the catching team will receive another player back onto the court.


One Player Remaining

Whenever a team has only one player remaining, the opposing team may move up to the 10 foot volleyball attack line which will be marked with cones.

In a situation where both teams have one player remaining, both players can move up to the opposite volleyball attack line and the area between the two volleyball lines will be considered “neutral”

If a team with one player remaining makes a catch bringing in another player, the opposing team will be given three (3) seconds to get back on their half of the court before being declared out.


Delay of Game

If a player holds the ball for longer than 5-seconds without making an attempt at releasing the ball in a throwing motion, the player must roll the ball to the opposing team. If a player gets a ball thrown at them at makes a legitimate dodging move, the count will be restarted.

Failure to forfeit the ball will result in that player being declared “out”.



Players/Teams may not intentionally leave un-held balls on their side of the court.

Upon the request of the official, any un-held ball must be used or rolled to the opposing team.

Unsportsmanlike acts will not be tolerated.  Any unsportsmanlike acts will result in the offending player be called out.  In the case that a player committing an unsportsmanlike act is already out, the team will be assessed a general penalty and one of the players still in the game of the offending team’s choice will be removed.


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